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  1. 1 radhika February 24, 2007 at 1:53 pm

    The Indian state has spread lies, lies and more lies that most people in India could easily suffocate from misinformation. It will be like oxygen to get a picture beyond the nonsense dished out from Indian Army press bureaus. Looking forward to seeing the film on 13 March.

  2. 2 Ali Imran February 26, 2007 at 6:29 am

    I hope Radhika is proven right. Kashmiris have long been deceived, misinformed, suppressed, and often their voices of dissent have been diluted or neutralized by so-called sympathizers from civil society…

    Though we have yet to see the film, this blog has kindled a ray of hope that, at least, our story of endeavour and suppression will be told honestly…

  3. 3 b.pandit February 27, 2007 at 5:22 pm

    well hope the film depicts the true picture of indian acts in kashmir not only in urban areas but the life of the country side people ….this is a nice start to show the real life in kashmir ..how we live here and in wht conditions….india will be exposed in very sense …..hope i get a chance to see the film soon….keep up the good and generous work gentleman.

  4. 4 Rohit March 2, 2007 at 11:44 am

    Radhika haev you been to kashmir..or do you know the root casue. Kashmir – radical Islam is the solution. Would not my moderate Kashmiri Muslim Brethern agree. We all belong to same roots.. It is just that history took turn and some Pundits converted..With due respect to there prereogative. Now they are runing Kashmiriyat and raping our mother land. All had been lving in peace had not radical version of Islam invaded there minds.

  5. 5 J March 2, 2007 at 3:16 pm

    I hate doing this, but since some people look adamant to get their statistics right, I offer my help:

    “Government of India’s Ministry of Home Affairs claims that 326 ‘Hindus’ (civilians presumably) died as a result of political violence in all of Indian administered Jammu and Kashmrir between 1990 and mid-1993. Of these over half, 177, are said to have died during 1990.” SUMANTRA BOSE “The Challenge in Kashmir” (1996).

    In fact by 20 January 1990, when the so-called ‘exodus’ really took place, out of around 300-odd killings in Kashmir, 77 were Pandits. Rest were Kashmiri Muslims.

    Why, would anyone tell me, were Pandits forced (or coaxed) to leave just a day after Jagmohan took over? Remember Farooq Abdullah had resigned only a day earlier. Does this mean Pandits felt more secure under Farooq’s rule, and when Jagmohan came with his Hindutva iron-fist, peddling threats of rolling out tanks on freedom-seeking Kashmiris, they no longer felt safe?

    Why did Jagmohan not provide Pandits any protection? I guess, India wanted them out so that it could communalise the issue and to besmirch the struggle for independence, in front of the world media.

    We have to remember that mountains of atrocities have been commited against Kashmiris by India in the name of Pandits. Kashmiris don’t hate Pandits. They wept enough for them. They want them back; they want India to stop putting hurdles in that process. They want Pandits not be pawns in Indian hands. Kashmiris make no demands from Pandits, not even a desirable participation in the independence struggle(and, I must tell you, there are numerous examples of great Pandits who laid down their life for Kashmir’s freedom from India).

    Yes, Kashmiris invited what befell them. But isn’t that the price for seeking freedom? They will sacrifice more, as long as India doesn’t pull its occupation forces out.

  6. 6 Rohit March 2, 2007 at 7:31 pm

    Dear anonymous,

    You don’t have guts to put your name , let me tell you stats can always be fabricated, well I could say the millions of Radical Muslims killed in Kashmir is an inflated figure. Who is there to authenticate it. It is true, that radical Islam butchered the Pundit ethos. Now don’t tell me that you don’t remembers how KP’s were forced out of there houses by posting deadlines on there doors . J&K always had a special status and I don’t know why some people say cultural invasion, what happened when neighborhood mislead Kashmiri Muslims, has there been any self moral binding. Neighbors who lived like brothers for centuries suddenly turned foes. KM’s forgot Kashmiryat . They forgot there roots.

    You are fooling yourself, give me name of one KP who you know died for a hollow resin of so called Independence of Kashmir. You had everything, still you were discontented cause you wanted an Islamic state full of fundamentalistic ideology. Can you answer my one question.

    How did end of 1998 see a sudden spurge of fundamentalism. Militants waiving guns and vomiting bullets. All this was pre planned , you sought across the border of so called Muslim brethren who wanted to avenge there two defeats at the hands of India.

    Probe you values and answer one question honestly :

    Don’t you think.

    Kashmir minus the Rdaicail Islam is the solution to all the issues faced by Kashmir.
    We can be back in golden times. Wake to this fact. Violence has never bore any fruits and my dear fellow Kasmiri let you heat bleed like mines does for the heaven that that has been turned into hell. Let us return to roots. Lets not blame any body or each other get straight to problem, think I am not a Pundit and you are not a Muslim. Problem will be automatically be solved . India has so many cutlers and religions no body feels the way you do. Aren’t there Muslims outside J&K? Aren’t they happy ? This is just an excuse. Azadi is a perception. You are free. I have so many good friends who are Kashmiri Muslims they live and flourish in all parts of country and even in my organization. I help them every other way when they reach out to me . I feel he is a Kashmiri and he should get the best . I don’t think he is a KM or a KP.

    World is closing in . Don’t divide we have seen states based on religious philosophy are breeders of hatred , they become menace for mankind. Don’t follow this suit. I know ( hypothetically )Pundits who lost there relatives, friends and houses will never return if Kashmir divides and if at all it divides it will be another centre of religious fundamentalism.

    Wake up. People like Sanjay are cashing on such opportunities. He has nothing to loose. It is my plea to all who add to this bog or read it. He aint loosing. He is making money out of the misery of people. More the controversy more popular he becomes and earns more.

    Wake up to save Kashmir …Wake up to save Kashmiriyat .

    Otherwise I see prophecy of Nund Rush coming true.


    (Eleven house households of Kashmir will be ultimately left over).

    Save Kashmir.

  7. 7 J March 2, 2007 at 8:45 pm

    Kashmiris are not sheep that they will have to be led by neighbours or anyone else. The demand for freedom started immediately after 1947, when India took advantage of a pussilanimous Maharaja who left his subjects to the mercy of Kabailis. They got him sign the Instrument of Accession. Soon Sheikh Abdullah, realised that a friendly assistance sought by Kashmiris at the time of their distress, was misused by Indians to occupy their land permanently. That is why Nehru put Sheikh in jail for many long years. And after so many rigged elections when Kashmriris realised that India will not listen to their peaceful pleas, they had to take to arms. Do you think it is easy for a small nation that had just come out of a terrible hundred years of back-breaking Dogra rule could take on India’s million strong army. It took a lot of sacrifice. India and its poodles can concoct as many stories about Pakistan fighting its ‘proxy war’ through Kashmiris, but that is all hogwash. Open your eyes. Instead of reading about Kashmir from Organiser and Panchjanya, go and visit Kashmir and you will realise how ‘free we are’! When seven hundred thousand Indian mercenaries stand at every street crossing, on top of all hills, along rivers, cheek and jowl with your homes, good freedom you feel! World knows that Kashmir is among the most highly militarised regions in the world, but you refuse to know. You are living in a permanent state of denial. US has 103000 troops for 80 million Iraqis, India has 700000 troops for 10 million Kashmiris! And what are they fighting: a 1000 odd armed Kashmriris.
    Indian Muslims, huh! We have seen Ayodhya, Gujarat, Kanpur, Aligarh, Jamshedpur, Meerut, Maliana… You won’t even remember the names of these places, or know why I am talking about them. These are places were Indian Muslims tasted India’s secularism from its wrong end. There are proportionally inane number of Indian Muslims in Indian jails than any other community. (Courtsey:Sachar Committee Report.).. But also ask Sikhs around you how free they felt in Delhi of 1984. Ask Graham Steins and his two sons how Darab Singhs of your country are liberating them.
    100000 Kashmiris have died for freedom, thousands have been unlawfully kidnapped by India, thousands of homes have been destroyed. Kashmir has been turned into India’s military testing ground, a garrison state. If you are really concerned about the destruction of our paradise, you should turn around to your India with your questions.

    Mr. Gutsy, hey fighter, my name is Mohamad Junaid.

  8. 8 Altaf Qadri March 3, 2007 at 12:54 pm

    Dear Junaid, if some independent writers are believe the instrument of acession was never signed at all.

  9. 9 Mahesh Kumar Karna March 3, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    This instrument of accession debate is meaningless. Just because it is a legal document does not make it valid. The king who signed it was an unpopular king, period. So any document signed by him is suspect. If you accept this IOA arguement then British were the legal and legitmate rulers of India (Mughal Emperor’s Sanad etc.) and all the ‘azadi ka andolan’ just a hogwash. Democratic Nation States are not merely some legal construct, but have to have a legitimacy or sovereignity deriving from popular consent. Kashmiri Movement like all other popular movements has a diversity which may exasperate those critics who hold purist ideas about what a movements should be? In their opinion, all movements are suspect at the moment of their founding because they ultimately deviate from whatever goal the critic wants to impose on them. For instance, our (Indian) Azadi ka Andolan had Anti- Muslim Hindutva Speak of Savarkar, Hind Swaraj of Gandhi, Modernist Visions of Nehru, Proto- Communism of Bhagat Singh, Religious Federalist dreams of Jinnah etc… all trying to define what the azadi was going to mean… Now it would be stupid to view the andolan as just one of Gandhis or of Bhagat Singh or of Savarkar, like all popular andolans it kept escaping the strait jackets of definations, that is what politics is. I as an atheist may have problems with certain religious modulations of Kashmiri Movement, but if that stops me seeing the whole range of opinions and practices the movement has, then that is my problem. Moreover, if I truly believe in my vision of a future society (close to Js, but not to its slight corporatist vision), I have to dirty my hands and engage with the andolan, not sit and abuse.

  10. 10 Rohit March 4, 2007 at 7:45 am

    Mohamad Junaid go back to pages of history. Visit 14ht Century when radical Islamic forces took over Kashmir. Read Rajtarngini by Kalhan , learn about your motherland and you will hate your name . You are being hog washed in the name of Islam.

    I still maintain: Kashmir minus radical Islam is the solution to all vows. Probe yourself.

    Let us all stop being politically correct. Let the truth prevail. Nothing but the truth. Go to the roots of trouble, don’t just see 50 years of history – take a look at centuries of loot and plunder. History holds enough for you to hold your head down.

    First things first try and read what I have requested you to do , till then don’t post a reply for me , for all the people who read this blog will get into a vicious cycle of brick batting.

    And thanks to let me know your name at least some people have learnt not to play gorilla tactics.

  11. 11 A Soul in Exile March 4, 2007 at 7:55 am


    I am ready to shed tears with you… but God’s sake answer the following questions first… something I asked here in my earlier post too…


    * What about the Human rights of those driven out of their homes and still yearning to return home after an unending exile of 17 years… just for the cause of Jihad and in name of Nizam-e-Mustafa.

    Did you ever ask Yasin Malik and his JKLF men about the unarmed people he killed in his past avatar as a terrorist – who haven’t returned home either? What answers he has for their families who are still waiting for their kith and kin to return after 15 years?
    * For years Hurriyat and muslims of Kashmir have been saying that the movement is indigenous and it’s the youth of Kashmir who are fighting out there in the valley. That’s these youth picked up the gun for Jihad and Nizam-e-Mustafa. That they went across the border into POK and Pakistan for training on arms, ammunition, IEDs, sabotage and subversion. What on earth do they expect to happen on return other than death and pain?
    * Why didn’t these families stop their young folks before they went for arms and terror training in Pakistan?
    * Why didn’t these families say No to giving support, food and shelter to terrorists?
    * Did they expect the grenades and Kalashnikov’s they brought into the valley to yield a crop of apples and apricots?
    * Were they naïve enough to expect the RDX they smuggled into India to be used as fertilizers in the farms for bigger crops of paddy?
    * When their fidayeen (suicide bombers) go out on a suicide attack on a government installation or picket or when the LeT or Jaish terrorists – whom they hail as hero’s go out on ambush shoot outs in crowded areas, do they expect the bullets flying criss-cross to have name detectors enabled on them – so that they will dodge the common man caught in between? I am not sure if ISI has developed or stolen any such AI technology yet…
    * Was it the security forces which laid seize on Chrar and burnt it? Why did not they protect the Afghan, Saudi and Moroccon mercenaries back then? Why didn’t they go and protest against Mast Gul?
    * Why are they protesting in Delhi – but when they are back in Srinagar, they take out processions welcoming killers like Bitta Karate – when even you know in your heart that he killed three dozen pandits just because of their religion?

    Justify my pain and I will try to understand yours…

    Its not a one way street…

    And for God’s sake grow up from the ISI coached – Jagmohan dunnit rheoteric…Ask some elder at home and you will learn the true story…or read

  12. 12 J March 4, 2007 at 8:43 am

    Rohit ji,
    Your name-dropping has not helped your argument one bit. Kalhana, the great Kalhana, wrote Rajatarangni–the River of Kings–in 12th century (And not in 14th as you suggest). My parents taught me Rajatarangni when I was a kid. From the Nagas to Pishajas, from Mauryas to Kushans, from the great ashthete Abhinavagupta to Lalityaditya, Avantivarman to stupid queens Dida and Sughanda, from the Rasa theory to Shaivism, Kashmiri Muslims are quite aware of their history. They are aware of the bad King Sikandar, but also his great son Zainul Abidin–the Badshah. They rever Yusuf Shah Chak and his lovely poet-wife Habba Khatun too.
    My friends back in Kashmir take pride in their legacy, in Budhism, Hinduism and Islam. Our parents never told us to hate Pandits; for they said Pandits were good teachers. It is your leaders who talk about Islam as a menace, who pick some fudged bits from history to malign Kashmiris.

    I am not suprised that you don’t know how Islam spread in Islam, since you only read MS Golwalkar’s stupid bunch of thoughts, and RSS mouth pieces like Organiser etc.

    Now I am telling you, brother, go read Kalhana again. See what he had to say about the decadent Kings and nobles when Rinchin came from Ladakh, conquered Kashmir, and only after that chose to embrace Islam. Islam spread in Kashmir through great people like Bulbul Shah, Shahi Hmadan, Sheikh Nurrunddin Wali. Read my favourite poetess Laleshwari’s Vakhyas.

    It will take you a lot of time to disabuse yourself completely from your anti-Muslim socialisation, but it is worth a try.

  13. 13 Rohit March 4, 2007 at 8:56 am

    Dear J,
    “Now I am telling you, brother, go read Kalhana again. See what he had to say about the decadent Kings and nobles when Rinchin came from Ladakh, conquered Kashmir, and only after that chose to embrace Islam. Islam spread in Kashmir through great people like Bulbul Shah, Shahi Hmadan, Sheikh Nurrunddin Wali.”
    Many including me would beg to differ. Distorted history and misinformed zealots. We seem to have two versions of history, SURPISING . But Good to know you are proud of your hisotry barring some facts. Rest is for world to judge.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Rohit Kar.

  14. 14 J March 4, 2007 at 9:29 am

    All Kashmiris are proud of their history; only a few have got themselves stuck up in the 12th century.

    You replied without going home to read Kalhana. That is why you talk of two versions of history.

    There are always multiple versions of history. They emerge from different interpretations of facts. My version is based on my reading of Kalhana. Your version though is a very newly invented one. It was invented by RSS, and is thus part of its figment of imagination, after 1947. Even RSS, if you remember, colluded with the British, Savarkar wrote letters of apologies for being part of the India’s freedom struggle. Don’t follow their path. They take inspiration from Nazis, Fascists, and Zionists.

    So do you want to help India to continue its brutal and illegal rule over Kashmir, your motherland, and be remembered as a collaborator? Or you want to take a brave step like Sanjay, be unbaised, and think dispassionately about the Kashmir movement, and only then come to any conclusion?

  15. 15 Sajid March 6, 2007 at 10:04 am

    Hey Guys stop it…
    You people do not know the true picture of kashmir…u can just debate on wat u people are un-awear of..
    If u wanna know wats going on here, then u have to cum in live in this terriable situiation… U guys can’t imagine how difficult is life here…we can’t even breath freely….We are treated like slaves here and we don’t have gurantee if we reach our homes safely… Every day several kashmiri (only muslims) are killed and brutely tortured…Oh… man wat can i say…I am falling short of words…
    I will tell you one thing that the only way out is FREEDOM…nothing less n nothing more…

    Kashmiri’s will fight till the last breath and thats final….
    War Till Victory….

  16. 16 J March 6, 2007 at 4:32 pm

    Dear Soul-in-Exile,

    Our people expected to be martyred for the noble cause of the independence of Kashmir when they took arms. Our nation was driven to armed revolt by almost half-a-century of suffering under Indian occupation, of a joke that was made of democracy, of betrayal of all promises made by your Indian leaders, of the utter disregard they showed for UN Resolutions.

    As I told you earlier, it takes a great courage and will for a small nation of a few million people to wage war against a country, which has stationed almost a million-strong mercenary army to fight a thousand or so poorly-armed freedom fighters. In this heavily skewed war where all odds are against Kashmiris, the only thing that keeps the struggle going is the thirst for freedom on one side, and the thirst for blood on the other.

    I am not denying the fact that what happened to Pandits was absolutely bad. Whatever their political beliefs they are an inseparable part of the Kashmiri nation. They will, inshallah, return home with honour and dignity, and meet their families, those brave people who did not leave despite government agents threatening and killing many of them.

    I have already mentioned elsewhere, on this blog, that statistics (taken from Indian Home Ministry and not the ISI) clearly explode the myth of genocide of Kashmiri Pandits. In the past 18 years of struggle a hundred Kashmiri Muslims died against one Pandit. Considering Pandits form 3 percent of the population, the Muslims of the Valley have borne a much larger brunt than their Pandit brothers, not only in absolute sense but in relative terms too.

    If you feel that JKLF killed Pandits, let facts be established by independent commissions. Let Independent Commissions also be instituted into massacres, rapes, pillages against thousands of Muslims too. Let us see whose hands are soaked in blood.

    You should ask Indians how Mast Gul escaped with hundreds of his men from the siege that tens of thousands of Indian troops had laid to Chrar-e-Sharif. Not one was killed or captured. Strange, isn’t it? Go and talk to people there, and they will tell you how BSF sprayed gun-powder over the township, and set it alight. Indian forces did the same thing in Sopore, in Handwara, in Islamabad (Cheeni Chowk), Srinagar (Lal Chowk), and so many other places. They raised hundreds of homes to ground…

    You can shout over the rooftops that it is Islam (that ‘Evil Religion’, ‘Green Menace’, the ‘Religion of Terror’) that is the root cause, but history will not stand your facile understanding. I never blame Hinduism for the stupidity you spit here. Neither has any other person with a Muslim-sounding name done that here on this blog. Learn some tolerance for others’ religion. Soul-in-Exile should not mean you send your reason into exile too.

    Kashmiris took arms for the liberation of their country. We invited pain and misery to ourselves. What else can one expect from a country that killed Gandhi the day his job was seen as over? We know the road to freedom is fraught with pain. We have learnt to face it. But the struggle will go on…

  17. 17 Altaf Qadri March 7, 2007 at 8:42 am

    There has been many attempts on this blog to give our freedom struggle a comunal colour. Below given are some facts which can help people see reality.
    1. Islam and terrorism. This question is often hurled at Muslims, either directly or indirectly, during any discussion on religion or world affairs. Muslim stereotypes are perpetuated in every form of the media accompanied by gross misinformation about Islam and Muslims. In fact, such misinformation and false propaganda often leads to discrimination and acts of violence against Muslims. A case in point is the anti-Muslim campaign in India itself when four person were killed while making a homemade bomb. The press was quick to declare them as Muslim militants. During the investigation all the four belonged to Hindu extremist groups, however police didnt made any progress in the case when they recovered some “surprising’ stuff from them, which include, fake beard, muslim skull cap (weared while offering prayers), Islamic litrature regarding jihad and some letter pads of Muslim organisations. This clearly shows that ‘some’ people can go to any extent to defame Islam and muslims.
    It is a common complaint among some non-Muslims that Islam would not have millions of adherents all over the world, if it had not been spread by the use of force. The following points will make it clear, that far from being spread by the sword, it was the inherent force of truth, reason and logic that was responsible for the rapid spread of Islam.
    2. Muslims ruled Spain for about 800 years. The Muslims in Spain never used the sword to force the people to convert. Later the Christian Crusaders came to Spain and wiped out the Muslims. There was not a single Muslim in Spain who could openly give the adhan, that is the call for prayers. The Muslims ruled India for about a thousand years. If they wanted, they had the power of converting each and every non-Muslim of India to Islam. Today more than 80% of the population of India are non-Muslims. All these non-Muslim Indians are bearing witness today that Islam was not spread by the sword. An article in Reader’s Digest ‘Almanac’, year book 1986, gave the statistics of the increase of percentage of the major religions of the world in half a century from 1934 to 1984. This article also appeared in ‘The Plain Truth’ magazine. At the top was Islam, which increased by 235%, and Christianity had increased only by 47%. May one ask, which war took place in this century which converted millions of people to Islam?
    3. Freedom struggle in J&K had always been associated with “Muslims” with communal organization raising a great hue and cry for Indian Forces. Even so far as J&K is concerned, the general feeling is that the only Muslim majority state of the country is the stronghold of Muslim Freedom Fighters. There are no two opinions that in J&K, Kashmiris freedom movement against the oppression and atrocities of Indian Occupied Armies has very much disturbed the social, economic and communial life in the state but there are many other aspects of the bloody conflict which are continously being ignored, Indian occupied forces in Kashmir had all along assumed the struggle going on in the state can never be supported by a Hindu, but it is the fact that many Hindus in the region also supporting freedom struggle and joining the separatist organizations.

    Hindi daily Dainik Bhaskar in its 27 April issue published a news item which said that “Indian occupied forces in Kashmir have arrested Nina, daughter of a farmer called Sher Singh in Duggalpur, a village about 60 kms from Rajouri. She was working as a helper to Mujahideen. During the course of interrogation she named many Hindu youths who were working as jihadis”. This is not the first incident of its kind. Many such startling cases were detected earlier. So much so that a few years back HuM disclosed that it had formed a battalion of Hindu supporters. Efforts were made to suppress such news because if such news were made public, another picture of the on-going movement in Kashmir will come to the knowledge of public which the media and government agencies want to conceal.
    When forces gunned down an 18 years old Hindu Jihadi Commander Kuldeep Singh along with his seven companion Muslim Mujahideen in the district of Doda in 2003, Indian Occupied Forces assumed him as an unwilling conscript in the Mujahideen’s battle. But the killing of many other Hindu militants and arrest of many of them in the comming years adds to growing evidence that some of Kahsmir’s minority groups had joined the Jihadi organizations.
    In August 19, 2005 Indian occupied forces killed Uttam Singh along with three other Hindu JIhadis. The night-long battle in which they died came during an attempt by a group of “Hizb” Mujahideen to kill or abduct an Indian Muslim Soldier in his house in the border region of Kashmir.
    Police Later Discovered that the 23 years old Uttam Singh was one of the two Hindu sector commanders of Kashmir’s largest Jihadi Group, Hizbul Mujahideen. Police said that in 2003 Uttam Singh become commander of his group in Doda, leading group of 120 Mujahideen including 7 Hindus. Three days after the death of Uttam Singh, Police announced the capture of 25 years old Hindu Virender Singh in New Delhi. Police said that he was an operative of Hizbul Mujahideen in charge of supplying arms and funds to his Mujahid colleagues on mission. Two days later on August 24, a Hindu Hizb Mujahid Chattar Singh was arrested in Doda while carrying a gun and grenades. A Senior officer at the defense ministry in New Delhi revealed that in the past three years, four Hindu Jihadists had been killed fighting alongside the Kashmiir Mujahideen.
    In 2004, when Indian Occupied Forces arrested Hizbul Mujahideen Commander Manooj Kumar in Udhampur and afterwards in 2005 8 of his Hindu companion Jihadis it was revealed to indian occupied forces that the Hizbul Mujahideen has appointed Hindu Jihadi Commanders in the Hilly areas of Rajouri, Poonch, Doda, Udhampur etc. Similarly in June 2005, a Hindu Jihadi Commander, Baldev Singh was also arrested in Udhampur.

  18. 18 Rohit March 7, 2007 at 9:46 am


    “Make hay while the sun shines” . In Kashmiri there is a popular saying : ‘Khane meenz wakus’. That is what is happening to you. And please don’t try to imagine things. I don’t know about the mouthpieces of RSS or any other fanatic Hindu literature or person that you are referring to. You words are exposing you.

    Rohit Kar.

  19. 19 J March 7, 2007 at 1:53 pm


    ‘Khane meenz wakus’… It means that ‘Kashmiris were living well, they invited trouble themselves’. I have always maintained that it was Kashmiris who rose up in revolt against the Indian rule. They did not do it in 1989, though, but long back when petty Indian politicians quickly forgot the language of anti-colonisation the day British left, and turned their backs on the promises they had made.

    If you feel we were living well before 1989, then one can argue that Indians were living well before British left India; that the entire Indian freedom struggle was uncalled for. That world should not have fought Nazis and Fascists during the Second World War, which eventually caused so much devastation. That Chamberlain was right.

    Right to self-determination is the fundamental right that a nation strives for. It is as important as the fundamental rights of individuals, since all other rights can be ensured only if a nation is not ruled by aliens against the will of its people.

    Why should Kashmir live with India? Why can’t Kashmir be independent? What are your worries about an independent Kashmir? If you fear Islam and Shariat might be imposed, then it is happening anyway. India has allowed Shariat law to be passed in the JK Assembly.

    Indians will fall over each other to make Kashmir the most conservative Islamic region, if only Kashmiris agree to live with India. Do you have any doubt about that? But this is not what Kashmiris want. They want freedom, independence, so that they will decide what future dispensation they will like to have, which will come in deliberations with its minorities…

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July 27, 2007 (Fri)
Vikalp: Films for Freedom @ Bhupesh Gupta Bhawan, 85 Sayani Road, Prabhadevi
July 30, 2007 (Mon)
Vikalp: Films for Freedom @ Prithvi House, Juhu...]]

July 14, 2007 / Institute of Agrl. Technologies, Queens Road
July 13, 2007 / Centre for Film & Drama, Millers Road
June 13, 2007, Pandit Vishnu Digambar Paluskar Hall
June 12, 2007, National Film Archive of India Auditorium
May 29, 2007, Blue Moon Hotel
May 26, 2007, Assam Club, Laban
May 12, 2007, Hindi Bhavan Hall
March 31, 2007, Tagore Hall
New Delhi
March 23, 2007, Sarai-CSDS
New Delhi
March 13, 2007, India Habitat Center



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