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Witnessing a pro-independence rally in 1990, an immense sea of people, I saw people tearing of their clothes in ecstacy. It was not rage against any recent killings by the Indian army that had brought them out; but the pure joy of being able to express a desire for freedom, made possible by this collective action. Women sang the azadi slogans to a rhythm. They brought back memories of martyrs of freedonm struggle by singing songs that spoke of loss and meloncholy at the same time as courage and heroism. Songs from different parts of the rally spilled into each other. There was no direction to go; it had not been decided. For many hours, braving the icy winds of early January, people just stuck to their places. No stones were hurled, till police got impatient and started teargassing. Women, old men, children seperated; young men went ahead and hurled stones and chased police. More police came, and chased back people. This went on for quite some time, till shots were fired, and three people lay dead.
This went on, day after day, till Jagmohan imposed a three month long curfew to starve Kashmiris. And when curfew was lifted in the first week of March, even those who had missed it the last time came out on streets.
I think it was much more than just slogans… It has kept Kashmir’s struggle for freedom going.


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  1. 1 Shazad Ahmar February 27, 2007 at 5:55 pm

    Freedom is the birth right of every individual. However, this is not for Kashmiris. Our Kashmiri Pandits were made to flee their homeland only to be drowned in the Chanakian ocean called Bharat. Many Muslims had to leave the place to escape the wrath of the so called security forces. Well both sets of these Kashmiris did make some fortune but lost much. Today I see Kashmiri Pandits struggling for keeping their traditions alive. The fate of their Muslim brethern living outside the valley is no different.Here in Kashmir we the leftovers are day in and day out being asked to establish our identity by the aliens. A Bihari Sepoy, a moustachoid Fauji from Kerala asks me my whereabouts. I feel I am subjugated. I feel betrayed by the leadership which is involved in squabbles. For every 12 Kashmiris living in Kashmir you have an Indian solidier keeping an eye on you. He is ubiquitous in whole of J&K with freedom to prey on you, gatecrash in to your residence at every time and any time. And your government here, regardless of being elected by a handfull of people in the stagemanaged elections, is there only at the will and pleasure of the Chanakya’s ruling Bharat. We have a brigade of IAS officers looting the state and all these thugs are from India Most of them behave like the officers of East India Company. Our all top slots in police are occupied by the IPS officers who treat Kashmiris as their slaves. A residuary number of these central services are picked up from J&K who can never think of rising to the top They are showcased only to create an impression that Delhi is all fair to Kashmiris. Of late the GOI has started a cultural invasion through the medium of TV, Radio and now you have a 24hrs FM station which is trying its best to spoil the youth.
    Had not Pakistan stepped in to fish in the troubled waters pushing in Islamic zealots we would have got Azadi without sacrificing 0.12million people and our 21000 women suffering the shame of rapes and mol;estations at the hands of Indian forces. Our 10,000 youths would not have been subjected to enforced disappearances and our thousands of youth would not be behind bars. Pakistan for unknown fears has backed out and washed its hands off Kashmir. General Musharaf is talking of peace without bringing in any relief for the hapless Kashmiris.They did it with Sikhs and have finally ditched us.
    But that is not the end of the game. India must realize that it can not hold on to Kashmir per force too long. If it realy wants to retain Kashmir it shall have to give-up its deceitful games in Kashmir, Own Kashmiris as it does own non-muslims. It has to give due recognition to Kashmiris and give them their due freedom. It shall do nothing to change the demography of the state and undo the damage done to the state’s demography do by way of settling Punjabi Hindus in Jammu where Dogras are feeling threatened. And above all it shall have to withdraw its troops and allow people to elect their own representatives instead of thrusting Abdullahs, Muftis or so called Azads the stooges on them. Then only can Bharat expect peace in Kashmir and beyond its borders. God’s wrath is awaiting Indians should they continue to pursue the Chanakian philosophy/policies in Kashmir. I am yet to watch Kak’s film I hope it portrays true picture of Kashmir. I would love to watch it.

  2. 2 Simi March 2, 2007 at 9:08 am

    What Kashmiri muslims are facing in valley is there own wrong doing. They forced Pandits to leave the valley, their home & almost everything. It was not Jagmohan who made Pandits leave but it was the threats given by millitants (who sometimes were your own neighbours, with whom u had grown up)that made Pandits to leave their homes & move to safer areas. In 1990, almost everyother day there was a threat to kill Pandit head of family & threats of kidnapping female members. How could a Pandit stay back considering that their reputation, the females of house were unsafe. Kashmiri Muslims are reaping what they had sowed, so should not now complain.

  3. 3 Altaf Qadri March 2, 2007 at 10:36 am

    Dear “Concerned Kashmiri” you should not be concerned at all if you think that Kashmiris are reaping wat they had sowed. It is very unfortunate to see hatred and prejudice against Kashmiri muslims. My own uncle was killed by suspected militants but we didnt leave our motherland and y shud we? It was not only my uncle but many Kashmiris who had something to do with anti-militancy. My uncle was killed because he was working with the CID department. Thats it. Now where does Panditids and Muslims came in from? You singled yourself out.
    Jagmohan Facilitate and encouraged the Migration of whole community to “prove” to Rajiv Gandhi, the then Prime Minister of India, that the case in kashmir was not of the “independence demand” but the cleansing of Kashmiri Pandits. Most of the Hindus in the Valley, including the entire Kashmiri Pandit community, flee the Valley in March. There have been charges that this exodus was encouraged by Jagmohan personally, to enable India to have a “free hand” in dealing with the Muslims in the Valley. A thorough, independent enquiry alone can show if this exodus was entirely unavoidable!!
    Jagmohan gave the Highly positioned Pandits air tickets, provided them with transport in the dark of the nights and arranged financial and other help to ensure their journey to Jammu. While most of the common Pandits were furnished with Government Bus services and arranged their journey at the moment when the Valley was under Curfew. To the normal and common Pandits it had been said that valley wouldn’t be safe no longer. It was as if Jagmohan wanted them to be out of the way to be able to deal with Kashmiri innocent civilians free handed using his slaughter policies. Did he want to communalise the situation, plan to use the Pandits one day against the Hurriyat’s demand for independence? Whatever the reason, his rough methods provided a spark to an already combustible situation!!

    Time has lessened the impact of the killing of Kashmiri Pandits working for Indian intelligence agencies in the valley. Today, because of the jockey policy of Jagmohan, the Pandits are refugees in their own country is a testimony to political expediency which masquerades as governance. The reasons for the killings are not difficult to guess. They are part of the continuing process to divide the Kashmiris into Hindu and Muslim. It is yet another blow administered to the pluralistic ethos of Kashmiriyat!!
    The plight of the Pandits has only worsened because they have been used as pawns in the game which the various rulers and different political formations have played in Srinagar and New Delhi. Not many Pandits were willing to leave their homes, hearths and neighbourhoods, where they had lived for years with the Kashmiri Muslims. But most of them were assured that they could return after the situation was brought under control. Pandits in government service readily used the opportunity to get transferred to Jammu. At no time did the Pandits realise that their departure from the Valley would end the prospects of their early return. The experiment came under cross fire. The official attitude was far from co-operative!!

  4. 4 Rohit March 2, 2007 at 11:40 am

    Altaf Your are crazy. Dont blame Jagmohan. I have my person relatiosn and rather i would say all those Pundits that were killed were hardly from police or CID. Radical Muslims like you always bore that Pundits are an an image of India and a road block to your Islamic vision. Get your stats right. You are msiinformed by your parents and generations preceeding you. Why would pandits want to languish in camps in Delhi anf Jammu..cause Jogmohan told them to. grow up and start thinking on your own….You moron.

  5. 5 Altaf Qadri March 2, 2007 at 12:12 pm

    Rohit, i feel sorry about your language. Anyways… Why do u people always bring Islam between a pure political conflict??? Indian media has always projected the Kashmir conflict as an Islamic problem and has twisted the facts influencing the opinions of not only Indians but the whole world at large. This is true for a muslim Islam is the way of life. Whatever a muslim does should be under the limits of Islam and you people get the impression this is some conspiracy against Pundits or hindus.. and this is also true that followers of other religions change the teachings of their religions like clothes as they suit them.. but sorry its not acceptable to a muslim.

  6. 6 Simi March 2, 2007 at 12:34 pm

    It is right that we should not bring religion in conflicts. No Kashmiri Pandit is aganist Islam or its teachings, but fanatic & fundamental face of Muslims, who by their wrong doings have spoiled image of a religion the world over. If Kashmir is not Islamic problem, why were Pandits killed/ why were Pandit females kidnapped. Why did Kashmiri’s allow milltants from Afganistan/ Pakistan to enter their homeland & ruin it. Why were anti Pandit slogans being shouted from mosques in 1990. Why was mass mascare of Sikhs done?? Were Kashimiri Muslims also playing in Jagmohan’s hands, by shouting threats to pandits from mosques.Why destroy Hindu temples. As you are proud of your religion so is everybody. Religion is way of attaining the Ultimate & merging with him & there can be many paths that lead there, but killing of innocent people will certainly be not the one.

  7. 7 Altaf Qadri March 2, 2007 at 12:52 pm

    As I told earlier not only Kashmiri pundits but Kashmiris were also killed and are still being killed. My own uncle was killed. As far as slogans against Kashmiri pundits are concerned.. I have never heard a single slogan against pundits. And I cannot comment on things which I have not heard, checked or witnessed. For your information the massacre of Sikhs was done by Indian intelligence agencies to get the sympathy of the then US President Bill Clinton who was on a visit to India. And why did u not mentioned the subsequent killing of 5 innocent villagers by army and labeled them as foreign militants behind the massacre of Sikhs? Just for your knowledge CBI has chargesheet those army personnel. And may I ask you why did Skihs not left the valley? Tell me how many temples were destroyed??? U wont have any answer for that.. coz i dont see any temple destroyed, and just see how many mosques were razed to ground by the so called “most diciplined force in the world”. There are so many temples which cud had easily been targeted, when Hindu-Muslim riots were on high in India, but they were not targeted infact muslims protected them. U cannot have such examples in India. As far as religion is concerned Islam is strictly against doing or saying anything against other religions. In Quran it says.. If u kill an innocent.. u killed whole humanity and if u saved an innocent u saved whole humanity. U believe or not. Discussion is the sign of health society so lets discuss without criticising Religions and use some common sense..

  8. 8 J March 2, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    Clearly one cannot deny that many Kashmiri Pandits suffered for they had to leave home. Life in exile is undesirable, even if the place you seek refuge provides you with excellent facities (in the form of workless salaries, reservations in top colleges, or treats you like a strategic asset infront of the world media to hide their crimes against humanity that they are commiting in Kashmir. Instead of sympathising with their Kashmriri “brethren”, they malign them in all fora as radical Islamists, terrorists, ethnic cleansers. Have the sham organisations like Panun Kashmir, who falsely claim to represent the opinion of the entire Kashmiri pandit community, ever heaved even a sigh when almost a lakh Kashmiris have perished in their struggle for independence? Have they raised a finger once against the terrorist Indian Forces who butcher, plunder, rape Kashmiris everyday. There are more Kashmiri Muslims who have been forced to live in exile, away from their homes, all over the world, than Kashmiri Hindus. Any comparison, though, is not my purpose; but to tell people who are colluding with fascist Indian forces like RSS, VHP, Shiv Sena, to have Indian occupation forces really send “Kashmir to hell”, that Kashmir is open to all its people, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and Hindus; but those who have devoted their lives to the independence of their motherland will continue to do so, and I hope you here will realise soon that it takes much more courage and truth to be a Kashmriri in these times, than to participate in Indian occupiers’ propaganda for a few bread crumbs.

  9. 9 neeru March 2, 2007 at 4:47 pm

    well, i just fail to understand what this all really is going to end up into..i still remember as simi reminisces,,,that 19th jan night…watching a weekend movie and suddenly parents asking to switch off lights,,we may be targeted…dad pensive for how to protect his 3 women(2 daughters and a wife) with nobody around and with brutal killing of sarla baht still fresh in mind,which always will be….and then all of a sudden,,,it seemed as the kayamat has finally arrived..when stones pelted at our windows and people screaming..narai tatbeer….etc..
    is this azadi…?
    now common guys,,,why don’t u understand now…U R BEING USED, U R BEING FOOLED, DAMED…its been over 17 years now. what did the world do to u or to us. u forced us out of our age old homes and what ru heading into turn…nothing more then a hell. THE WORLD IS USING YOU FOR THEIR BENEFITS.., THE PEOPLE SATNDING IN UR FAVOR ARE FOOLING U…
    i still remember our neighbour aunty calling on mom..SEND YOUR DAUGHTERS FOR THE JEHADI MUHIM(PROTESTS) AND YOU WILL BE SAVED…..that seemed to be the only way out…and then getting threatning letters…EITHER JOIN US OR LEAVE BUT IN ANY CASE LEAVE UR WOMEN HERE. is this jehad?
    nobody wud be able to reply these questions, i m damn sure….coz nobody actually knows what they r doing and I CAN’T ASK JESUS TO FORGIVE THEM EITHER. he can’t really help them out. they r just following the league, not using their bloody brains….

  10. 10 Ali March 2, 2007 at 8:02 pm

    J you are mislead. reservations rae eually extened to all dispaced peopele. Do you need exanples. Dont embaress our community. You are bedating on nonsense point.

  11. 11 J March 2, 2007 at 9:29 pm


    We all have stories to tell. And I am not denying your aunt’s or your own experience. One would be insane if one denies the troubles that many Pandits had to face (and I will keep contesting your mistaken belief that Kashmriri Muslims forced Pandits from their homes). But Kashmir is not about Kashmiri Pandits alone. 97 percent of its people are Muslims, who since last many years now have been facing one of the most deceptively murderous army in the world: the Indian Army.

    If you have three stories, Kashmiri Muslims have ninety-seven to tell. In our stories Pandits are not the villians, they are one of us, fellow sufferers. In your stories, if there ever was any evil it is the Kashmiri Muslim.

    If you ask Kashmiri Muslim today, each of them has multiple tales of horror, rapine, and murder, loss near ones, to tell. The cruelty of their circumstance is that no one listens to them. And now when conscientious individuals want to make their voices heard, they are labbeled as traitors or oppotunists.

    And please stop talking like a high priestess: “why don’t u understand now…U R BEING USED, U R BEING FOOLED, DAMED”. This talk is a passe. Kashmiris are fighting for the freedom of their occupied country. Every Kashmiri has sacrificed for this struggle: A struggle recognised by United Nations as the most inviolable right of a people, the struggle for self-determination. What nation are we if we don’t have any influence on our destiny! If babus in Delhi decide our fate! If India feels Kashmiris want to live with it, that they are not forced to be with India, why can’t they go for a plebiscite? Let things be decided democratically. Brushing aside the struggle of Kashmiris as “radical Islam” is nothing but an exercise in self-delusion.

    India fought for its independence for a hundred years, before they achieved it. Kashmiris have already fought for their freedom for sixty years (in fact 400 years). We will fight for it for as much time as it takes.

    Ali ji, I don’t know which community you are talking about, that I am ’embaressing’… My views are my individual views and don’t represent anyone.

  12. 12 sunny deol March 3, 2007 at 7:03 am

    Dear Pandit brothers and sisters and dear Muslim brothers and sisters, I have read each one of your comments and ideas as what happened in Kashmir with pandits and Muslims, well at the time of exodus migration I was not in Kashmir nor my parents ALLOWED ME TO COME BACK due to situation, however I could always see that horror of 1990 January which was in my parents eyes, as how they where terrorized with the messages and letters and slogans shouted from local mosques in Habba kadal area, if you young generation want to know what make us leave valley was only the threats from our own humsayas when they categorically told us that when we are not safe how can we protect you, this was the indication that we must protect our respect and ladies by only two ways, either we should leave the valley or commit suicide, let me tell you gujmohan did not come to my house and ask me to leave the valley it was radical Muslims who came to my house in the mid night and ask for my elder brother, my mother did not let them come in side the house and it was only when they pointed the gun on my mother and thronged in our house and search every room and came empty handed out of the house and our brothers was labeled my them as CID and RSS agent, that was the common story from every radical Muslim, like wise you have mentioned that your uncle was killed because he was working with CID what wrong has he done he was working as a public servant, had he been helping militants then he would have been alive by now, this is what the young Kashmir Muslims must understand that it was a Pakistani policy to destroy the respect of Kashmir peoples and to take revenge of Jinah, but unfortunately Muslims came in the trap and destroyed the whole kashmiriyat, I personally believe we still have some time left to destroy the evil polices of Pakistan and bring back the old glory to valley, but that is not possible unless and until the Kashmir pandits are not brought back with honor and dignity.

  13. 13 Rohit March 4, 2007 at 8:28 am

    Altaf , please don’t feel sorry for me. You got the intent of the text – Right? One or two words and oversight of pralines prompted you to vomit your thoughts. What do think – by mentioning these words you will justify the foolish movement of so called ‘Azadi’ . Right said by some gentle man ‘ Only fools make Jashn of there foolishness’ . Same holds true with you. Your vision fits the bill of a radical mercenary.

    Some Muslim leaders maintain that Islam doesn’t pave way to violence. I do agree. Why do you marginalize your self? There are plenty Kashmir Muslims and millions of Non Kashmiri Muslims living in India with dignity and earning there lively hood well up to standards . How many of your known ones are settled in Delhi, Mumbai and other metros of India ? How many of them are working in MNCs and public sectors at good positions ? Many .. if you fail to find any .. I can referrer you onto scores who are know personally to me. They all hate radical views and believe in true secularism.

    Some people of this forum are trying to project a Secular view of a hypothetical independent Kashmir. They say all ( Dogars , Hindus , Buddhist , Christians and Sikhs ) will have equal rights in free Kashmir. Have they ever bothered to probe what people from provinces other that Kashmir want. For knowledge sake : If you have forgotten – J&K has three geographical divisions – Jammu , Ladhak and Kashmir) . Jammu being largest and Kashmir being smallest area wise. Ladhakhis and Jammuiets have no problem. They don’t want this foolish struggle. Both of these regions are politically striving for an identity separate from Kashmir, cause the ho halah by Kashmiri Muslim clergy at national and international level has always overshadowed there problems. Ladhakh has got autonomous hill council and Jammu is striving for a separate statehood under the Indian union. Left over are a handful of radical Kashmiri Muslims who think they have the contract of representing all the regions. They are mistaken. Mind it please all the regions have a certain amount of Muslim population, but not all are Kashmiri Muslims.

    Jinnah at the time of birth of Pakistan had said : All – Muslims, Sikhs , Christians and Hindus are free to go to there places of worship , practice there religion and be proud Pakistanis . almost 60 years down the drain the sate is a prefect mess, close to being a failed state. Religious freedom and freedom of speech is far fetched. Don’t enforce the same hollow concept on Kashmir.

    So my dear friend, come out of this permanent bliss of ignorance.

    I still maintain. You are a Moron. Half wit. This aint derogatory, but will try to wake you up and please don’t try to post reply cause it will only increase you vulnerability towards being hopelessly miserable looser. I don’t want any fellow Kashmir Muslim or Pundit being such a waste.

  14. 14 J March 5, 2007 at 3:43 am

    Diferrent regions of J&K should be asked in a pebiscite if they want to be part of an Independent Kashmir or not. We will have a federal set up, as I already explicated elsewhere, with as many powers in the regions as possible. But if they want to be part of India, let that be. Kashmiris will not force their opinion on them.

    You seem to have a very rosy picture of the condition of minorities in India. Did Gujarat ever happen to Hindus in Pakistan, as late as 2002. 3000 Muslims were butchered. In Nellie 3000 Muslims were massacred. In Jamshedpur, Malena, Kanpur, Aligarh, Bombay, thousands more were killed. Sikhs too in your Delhi–1984. 3000 thousand of them. Christians in Orissa. Dalits for so long, everyday. What are you talking about?
    You clearly have no idea of what is happening around you. Or as I said you are in a state of total denial.

    All that happens in India to the minorities, will never happen to minorities of any kind in Kashmir.

  15. 15 Altaf Qadri March 5, 2007 at 7:25 am

    Here is a brief chronological account of mass massacres in Kashmir that this area has witnessed and its people have suffered since 1931.

    The Dogra rule, followed by Indian occupation in 1947, is a bleak chapter in the history of Jammu and Kashmir. The Dogra rule, which continued from 1846-1947, is considered as the gloomiest period. Indian armed forces occupied a major part of Jammu and Kashmir on October 27, 1947 that is continuing to date.
    The Indian troops pursued the policy of suppression in a systematic manner to reduce the overwhelming Muslim majority in occupied Jammu and Kashmir. To achieve this objective Indian troops started the process of mass massacre. There are plenty of events and evidences to support this gory fact.

    1931 July 13:
    The people of Kashmir had been raising their voice against the Dogra usurpation of their land and as a result they faced brutal consequences. On July 13, 1931, a large number of Kashmiris gathered in front of the Srinagar central jail, at a time when the trial of a youth Abdul Qadeer accused of involvement in a case of agitation, was in progress inside the jail. The objective was to demonstrate solidarity with the young man. As the time for obligatory prayer approached a young Kashmiri stood for Azan (Call for the prayer) and the Dogra police opened fire on him, and he got martyred. Thereby, another youth took the place of the martyred young man and started the Azan. He too was shot dead. In this way 22 Kashmiris embraced martyrdom in their efforts to complete the Azan.

    1947 August 26:
    In June 1947, people of Poonch had launched a no-tax campaign against the heavy taxation of Maharaja. To curb the agitation, Maharaja Hari Singh, the last Dogra ruler of the state, ordered the use of brute military force. On August 26 the protesters were confronted by the Dogra-armed forces. The Dogra troops opened bran-gun fire on the huge crowd of 5,000 civilians, martyring and wounding hundreds of them.

    Maharaja Hari Singh fled from Srinagar to Jammu on October 26th 1947, as the liberation activists were poised in Srinagar’s suburbs to capture the city. On reaching Jammu, he issued orders to his troops and police besides the Hindu extremist groups, to kill Muslims found anywhere. The Muslims were asked to assemble in parade ground in Jammu so that they would be driven to Pakistan in lorries. While on their way, on October 20, 1947, eight thousand Muslims were massacred at Malatank Jammu. On October 22, 1947 at least 14000 Muslims were massacred at Saniya Jammu and 15,000 Muslims were gunned down near the bridge at Akhnoor.

    On November 5 and 6, 1947, more than 100 lories, loaded with women, children and old men were taken into the wilderness of Kuthua forests. Hindu extremists and armed gangs were let loose on these innocent people and an unparallel butchery was perpetrated, killing thousands of them. Women were raped, molested and their valuables looted. All these bloodsheds were taking place in full view of the Indian army, which had by that time occupied a major part of the state. In another act of butchery, a large gathering of 25000 Muslims, in Miran Sahib and Ranbir Singhpora, were machine-gunned.

    During migration to Pakistan in 1947, nearly 300,000 people were massacred in cold British daily “the London Times” wrote on October 10, 1947 in a report from its special correspondent in India that the Maharaja, under his own supervision, got assassinated 237,000 Muslims, using military forces in Jammu area. The editor of “Statesman” Ian Stephen, in his book “Horned Moon” wrote that till the end of autumn 1947, more than 200,000 Muslims were assassinated.
    Right from 1947, the fury of mass killings is going on unabated. Kashmiris suffered massacres in 1965 and 1971. Since 1989, India increased its acts of brutalities and people were killed in mass groups. Some of the savage events are as under.

    January 8, 1990 :
    Firing at various places in Srinagar city, 17 people were killed. Enquiry ordered by then Governor Jagmohan. No outcome appeared.

    January 15, 1990:
    In Handwara town, the Indian army and paramilitary forces shot dead 17 unarmed civilians including one woman when troops opened unprovoked fire on peaceful protesters.

    January 21, 1990:
    55 innocent civilians were killed in the localities of Basantbagh and Gawkadal in Srinagar city by CRPF troops when more than 20,000 people took to the streets, defying curfew.

    January 22, 1990:
    The Indian army and paramilitary forces resorted to unprovoked firing at Alamghari Bazar Srinagar and killed many unarmed civilians. The people had come out unarmed to protest against the military killings at Gaw Kadal in Srinagar.

    January 25, 1990:
    26 civilians were shot dead in Handwara town of Kupwara district. The township was set afire by BSF after the latter was panicked by a bang. Some of the slain persons including women were roasted alive.

    March 1, 1990:
    In order to halt massive demonstrations by the people, who were to submit a memorandum to United Nations Military Observers Group on India and Pakistan (UNMOGIP), Indian army opened fire at Tengpora bypass and Zakoora crossing in Srinagar, killing 21 and 26 demonstrators, respectively.

    May 21, 1990:
    Seventy persons were put to death by CRPF troops near Islamia College Srinagar. The unarmed civilian mourners were carrying the dead body of late Mirwaiz Molvi Muhammad Farooq, prominent liberation leader and father of APHC chairman, Mirwaiz Umar Farooq. More than three hundred people were injured. Five women, one of them pregnant, were killed. Even minors were not spared. The forces did not spare even the coffin-bearers. The dead body of late Mirwaiz was also shot at.

    August 6, 1990:
    The troops besieged Mashali Mohalla in Srinagar, raided the houses of local inhabitants and killed innocent civilians. In this incident more than two-dozen people were brutalized, of whom nine died on the spot.

    August 10, 1990:
    BSF cordoned off the whole area of Pazipora, Kupwara. The male inmates were ordered to gather in a park for identification parade. The locals objected to let ladies stay at their homes without being accompanied by any male members. Later the forces, in absence of male members, entered the houses and raped and molested a number of ladies. By hue and cry of the ladies, the male members tried to rush to their respective homes in order to rescue the ladies from the clutches of the armed forces. But the troops fired on the unarmed civilians of the locality and killed 25 of them on the spot.

    September 11, 1990:
    A civil passenger bus, carrying about fifty persons, was intercepted by the BSF troops. Passengers were fired upon. 22 died on the spot. The bus was set on fire due to which eight persons got burnt alive.

    October 01, 1990:
    The BSF personnel in Handwara town of Kupwara district started indiscriminate firing on the unarmed civilians, who were busy in marketing activities, killing 20 of them on the spot.

    January 19, 1991:
    The personnel of 42-CRPF opened indiscriminate fire, killing 11 civilians in Magarmalbagh, Srinagar. Most of the victims were waiting for bus and being a busy place, most of the passers-by received bullet shots and died on the spot.

    January 30, 1991:
    In Achabal Islamabad, the Indian armed forces opened indiscriminate fire, killing seven innocent persons.

    March 11, 1991:
    At Rakhi Haigam, Sopore, in Baramullah district, Indian armed forces started indiscriminate firing, killing six civilians, including Manzoor Ahmad Dar aged only 12 years.

    March 16, 1991:
    The Indian troops cordoned the area in Pishwari Trehgam in Kupwara district. At that time about 12 persons were offering prayers in a mosque within the cordoned area. The forces directed the worshipers to come out of the Mosque but they could not come out as they were engaged in the prayers. The forces entered into the Mosque and started firing. The Imam (Leader of the prayers) did not break the prayers. He was shot in his head. Other persons were dragged in the compound of the Mosque and six more persons were shot dead.

    May 05, 1991:
    At Khayam, Khanyar in Sriangar, the troops fired indiscriminately on the pedestrians due to which, five persons including a girl, Aisha, aged three years were killed.

    May 08, 1991:
    In Pir Dastgeer, Khanyar locality of down town Srinagar, troops of CRPF, BSF’s 2nd and 60th Bn opened fire on thousands of people who were assembled to bury some martyred Kashmiris. 18 civilians were killed. In this incident, one infant aged two years, and his father were also killed.

    June 11, 1991:
    The CRPF troops opened indiscriminate fire, having been frightened by the sound of a tire burst, leaving 32 civilians killed in the densely populated area of Chotabazar, Srinagar. The killed included, shopkeepers, passers-by, old persons, women and children.

    September 03, 1991:
    At Safanagri and Nelora in Pulwama district, the armed forces fired on unarmed civilians and more than 23 got killed.

    April 2, 1992:
    In Aloosa village of Bandipore tehsil of Baramullah district, the villagers were kept confined to the village limits for the whole day by the Indian troops, while those out for fishing were fired upon. At least five boatmen were killed in the firing. Many bodies were recovered from the Wular Lake as they had been made to sink by tying heavy stones to their limbs.

    April 13, 1992:
    During early hours of the day, BSF troops charged into the area, comprising Mohalla Hajama, Talian, Syed Sultanpora, Mahrajpora, and Chinkipora, started indiscriminate firing which resulted in killing of 13 civilians including one woman.

    July 2, 1992:

    There was a tyre burst of a moving vehicle, which created a panic in the crowded market of Lal Chowk Srinagar. In response the CRPF troops, posted at Hari Singh High Street, fired indiscriminately, killing six civilians.

    July 6, 1992:
    The BSF men subjected Ishbar locality in the outskirts of Srinagar to indiscriminate firing and at least 7 civilians were killed.

    July 13, 1992:
    Army personnel entered the village of Nasrullahpora, adjacent to Budgam, and started indiscriminate firing, killing ten innocent people.

    August 15, 1992:
    In Taj Mohalla of Tral in Pulwama district, BSF troops killed 6 civilians in cold blood. One of them was burnt alive.

    October 2, 1992:
    10 civilians were killed in Handwara town of Kupwara district by BSF troops.

    December 12, 1992:
    Indian troops killed 7 civilians in Kishtwar area of Doda district.

    January 6, 1993:
    94 BSF-Bn personnel ran amuck, killing 57 civilians, mostly roasted alive, when they set ablaze 37 residential and 35 commercial structures at Sopore in Baramullah district.

    April 10, 1993:
    47 innocent Kashmiris were burnt alive when BSF set afire, most of the Lal Chowk, Srinagar, destroying 59 houses, 190 shops, 53 godowns and 2 office complexes.

    July 01, 1993:
    In Baba Reshi area of Baramullah district, the troops started indiscriminate firing and killed 9 civilians who had come to the shrine.

    July 30, 1993:
    In Hangubutch, Pulwama district 12 civilians were killed and 100 injured. A magisterial probe was announced but never completed.

    August 01, 1993:
    Sub inspector Ajmer Singh of BSF, 60Bn along with three of his subordinates, killed a couple Abdul Rashid Dar and Hajra after barging into their residence in Daribal Srinagar. Their critically injured son Hilal succumbed to wounds in hospital. After thousands of people took to the streets in anti-India demonstration, the police and army resorted to firing, killing 10 of them.

    August 14, 1993:
    Indian secret agents dragged out passengers from a bus on Sarthal link road in Kishtawar, Doda and sprayed them with bullets, killing 14 civilians.

    October 22, 1993:
    Troops of BSF 7Bn opened fire on a procession in Bijbehara town of Islamabad district, killing 50 and injuring 100 civilians.

    November 20, 1993:
    At Aadipora, in Sopore area of Baramullah district, the BSF personnel opened fire and killed five persons including a woman.

    November 24, 1993:
    In Sangrama in Baramullah district, the BSF troops fired indiscriminately and killed seven unarmed civilians.

    December 22, 1993:
    At Bulbul Nowgam in Shangas area of Islamabad district, the Indian troops fired indiscriminately, killing six civilians.

    January 24, 1994:
    Indian troops killed 18 Kashmiris in Kupwara.

    May 10, 1994:
    In Bandipora BSF troops, during crack-down, arrested 9 persons in presence of the locals, took them to a military camp in Bandipora where they were killed and their dead bodies were handed over to their relatives.

    February 10, 1995:
    BSF opened fire in narrow business street, in Gad Kocha, Srinagar, killing 6 shopkeepers and injuring 38 others.

    January 5, 1996:
    Indian armed agents massacred 15 Kashmiris, 10 of them belonging to one family, in Barshala village of Doda district.

    June 8, 1996:
    In Kamlari village of Doda district, Indian armed agents killed eight civilians.

    March 20, 1997:
    Seven civilians were killed in Sangrampura (Budgam).

    April 7, 1997:
    A group of Indian secret agents swooped on Sanghrampora village, in Beerwa outskirts in Budgam district, and shot dead seven Kashmiris.

    April 18, 1997:
    27 civilians were killed in Prankote in Udhampur district in Jammu region.

    September 19, 1997:
    In mortar shelling by BSF, 11 villagers were killed in remote village of Arin in Baramullah district.

    January 26, 1998:
    Indian agents swooped Wandhama village of Ganderbal tehsil in Srinagar district and massacred 26 Kashmiris.

    June 19, 1998:
    25 civilians were killed in Chapnari area Of Doda district in Jammu region.

    June 28, 1998:
    In Madwa, Doda 9 villagers were massacred by 26-Rashtriya Rifles, on the Eid (Muslim festival) day.

    July 28, 1998:
    16 civilians were killed in two villages of Doda District in Jammu region.

    August 3, 1998:
    Twenty civilians were killed in Sailain village of Surankote, Poonch. The dead included seven children.

    August 8, 1998:
    35 labourers were killed in Kalaban on Jammu-Himachal Pradesh border.

    January 26, 1998:
    Four civilians were killed at Muraputta-Rajouri, nine at Barlyara-Udhampur and seven at Bllala-Rajouri in Jammu.

    February 20, 1998:
    In Baljaralan hamlet of Udhampur district, Indian armed agents killed 10 civilians. Apparently, the same group reappeared in Mora Pota in Budhal belt, and killed 4 members of a family.

    June 29, 1998:
    Indian troops and their agents dragged out 17 civilians, including 5 women and 7 children, in twin hamlets of Morha Bichai and Sahotri in Poonch and killed them.

    June 30, 1998:
    Fifteen labourers were killed in Anantnag district of south Kashmir.

    February 28, 2000:
    Five civilians were killed near qazigund in Anantnag district of Kashmir.

    March 17, 2000:
    Indian secret agencies killed 7 truck drivers near a BSF camp at Qazigund in Islamabad district.

    March 20, 2000:
    35 Kashmiri Sikhs were massacred at Chatisinghpora in Anantnag.

    March 24, 2000:
    Five innocent civilians, missing since March 24, 2000, were killed in custody and subsequently roasted and labelled as foreign merceneries behind the Chatisinghpora Massacre by army at Brakpora in Islamabad district. (CBI Charged the Indian Army personnel and case is still pending).

    March 30, 2000:
    7 protestors were killed by SOG troops near Pathirbal in Islamabad district, who were demanding dead bodies of Brakpora massacre.

    May 14, 2000:
    Five teenagers, arrested from Sopore, were killed by Indian troops in Tangdar area of Kupwara district.

    August 1, 2000:
    35 Amarnath Yatris (pilgrims) were killed by Indian secret agencies and CRPF troops at Pahalgam in Islamabad district.

    31 civilians were massacred at Pahalgam in Anantnag.

    27 labourers were gunned down in Qazigund and Achabal in Anantnag.

    August 2, 2000:
    Seven people of one family were killed in frontier district of Kupwara in North Kashmir.

    11 civilians were killed in Doda district of Jammu.

    February 03, 2001:
    Indian secret agencies killed 7 Sikhs at Mahjoornagar in Srinagar.

    February 10, 2001:
    At Kotchatwal in Bhudal area of Rajouri district, 12 civilians including 6 kids and 4 women were killed by Indian troops and their secret agencies.

    March 17, 2001:
    Eight people were massacred near Atholi in Doda.

    March 21, 2001:
    At Mandi in Poonch district, the Indian troops used helicopters and gun ships and killed 10 Kashmiris.

    March 31, 2001:
    At Doru, Islamabad, 7 Kashmiri drivers were killed by Indian troops.

    July 21, 2001:
    13 civilians were killed at Sheshnag in Anantnag.

    July 22, 2001:
    12 people were massacred in Cheerji and Tagood in Doda district of Jammu.

    August 04, 2001:
    15 villagers were killed in Ludder-Sharotid Har area of Doda.

    August 06, 2001:
    Indian agents killed 7 civilians in Sajjar village of Atholi, in Kistwar tehsil of Doda district.

    December 08, 2001:
    10 unarmed civilians, including women and children, were killed in the indiscriminate military firing in Baramullah.

    January 06, 2002:
    6 civilians were killed at Luddu and Ramsu,Doda.

    January 20, 2002:
    11 civilians were killed at Behra, Poonch.

    January 21, 2002:
    Indian troops killed 14 persons including 8 children of 3 families, at Salwa village in Maindher area of Poonch in Rajouri district.

    February 16, 2002:
    8 civilians were killed at Nirala. Rajouri.

    May 14, 2002:
    36 civilians were killed at Kaluchak, Jammu.

    July 13, 2002:
    28 civilians were massacred at Kasimpura in Jammu.

    August 05, 2002:
    Nine pilgrims were killed in Nuwan Pehalgam in Islamabad district.

    March 24, 2003:
    24 Kashmiri Pandits were massacred including 11 women and 2 children at Nadimerg village of Pulwama.

    October 22, 2003:
    Seven members of a family were shot dead when armed Indian agents opened indiscriminate firing at a wedding ceremony in Domail area of Doda district.

    April 05, 2004:
    Seven civilians were killed at Pahalgam in Islamabad.

    May 01, 2006:
    35 civilians were killed at Basantgarh in Udhampur and Kulhaang in Doda district.

    ………….and still going on.

  16. 16 Sandeep March 7, 2007 at 11:00 am


    Such a huge list. Have you missed out on something ? Kashmiri Muslim radicals initiated a movement, they wanted Azadi.. from whom? They laid traps for there own people. Killed Pundits, Bihari laborers, and other poor people. Do you have stats for that ? When people get killed for a cause it is justified. In your case you say so called azadi. But Pundits and others never wanted it. Why torture them? Your logic is absurd. Again you are advocating violence, inviting foreign mercenaries, what for. Killing innocent people of valley. Ask a Kashmiri Muslim who is moderately educated , he will curse you for this foolish movement. Most of Muslim crowd in J&K will be happy if this madness ends tomorrow and fundamentalism dies. You are killing generations to be coz of your own deadly laid plans.
    Go teach your people love. Don’t drive the blind horse of Islamic fundamentalism on the blood of exhausted and illiterate Kashmiri Muslim. Some of you educated Kashmiri Muslim youth on this forum, show responsibility. Don’t teach hate . Enough of bullets undo the bloodshed or else you will perish. As the stats show most of young Kashmiri illiterate Muslims die, languish in Pakistani training camps or while crossing over from there. Your populace is decreasing. Women left unmarried. If you don’t recover from this disease, you will perish. Be the harbingers of light, not blind faith. Or else no one gives a damn


  17. 17 Altaf Qadri March 7, 2007 at 12:04 pm

    You know wat Sandeep, the problem starts here itself.. people like start commenting on the things they dont usually see. If u have seen the list u wud have seen everyone in the list “Your Pandits, Bihari’s and all other poor people”. But as usual u just saw the top of the list and apparantly got fed up and in the process missed the point. If u go thru this blog with open mind you’ll find who started hatred and against who. Kashmiri muslims in this blog have show utmost care for their brethren.. unfortunately its you who start defaming the name of muslims and Islam. For god’s sake stop this madness against Islam. This is not going yo yeild u anything. If you are so sure about ur claim that “Most of Muslim crowd in J&K will be happy if this madness ends tomorrow and fundamentalism dies” then why is ur government not willing to hold a referendum and let this ‘fundamentalism’ die? Sandeep, stats also show what the indian occupational forces are doing in Kashmir. You must be proud of ur brave soldiers when, they kill a 75 year old in ‘mistaken identity, kill 4 young boys playing cricket, kill a handicapped person who asked them to pay for the bakery they purchased from his shop, when around 1000 soldiers seiged Kunanposh pora and raped 35 women and molested hundreds, when a mother and daughter were molested in their home… I guess my stats are A BIT longer than urs. Still u’ll see Kashmiri muslims as trouble makers.. isnt it?

  18. 18 Aj March 7, 2007 at 5:28 pm

    Dear Blogger. Warey chev saree.
    I have read through the whole of this blog. Who ever is talking here is talking about numbers I am not sure if you have realised this. The blame game is foolish and childish. Dont get emotional, try to see the logic.
    The whole idea of governance in today’s world is what? Democracy, Liberty and Equality. As far as this blog goes, there are two pertinent groups here laying claim to be Kashmiri’s , Kashmiri Muslims and Pundits. My question is to a Kashmiri— What is the demographic structure of Kashmir? What is the percentage of muslims in the valley? and What is the percentage of pundits? I had heard pundits are clever. But I see a different picture here. Poor mathematics, and really poor statistics. Sorry guys you are defeated by your own standards, your standards of democracy, democracy which happens to be a game of numbers, where you will be defeated by all odds (even if u guys tried rigging and postal ballot). The majority of the populace of Kashmir is MUSLIM, whether you like it or not. So as far as the democracy goes you will have to abide by what the Muslims of the valley decide for you for you cannot, very sad and and hard fact to digest.
    As far as the conflict goes the clock didn’t start in 1989, when the pundits left the valley but the roots are much deeper, deeper than you guys know, or care to know?? Ask of your own people the name of the Pundits, who were killed and imprisoned by Indian government for opposing the accession of Kashmir to India??? Rake up the books of history, clear some dust be Impartialist, and look at the picture logically dont be emotional.

    And yes of course you had two choices a) To stay by your neighbour shoulder to shoulder and share his fate and fight the odds out, make your presence felt and lay the claim on the land b) Flee as you guys did and left your land to misery, and loose all claim. If it was your land why did you abandon it???? (Now don’t give me the excuse of life— Well let me tell you it is better to die an honourable death then be a dog at someone’s feet for a few morsels) There is no doubt that pundits are doing well everywhere( with all the reservations and government aid, still being paid on migrant posts and ironically working with companies or departments) but alas at a price, a price of dishonour, and dilution, that is your fate which you chose …… ……….
    So don’t curse a Kashmiri , for a Kashmiri is incidentally a Muslim who is reeling in his own land under duress and misery and will have claim to the land and the title, not a pundit who left the land for an ephemeral life and its bounties……….

    Mr Qadri excellent job of the statistics (an impartial one if some might care to see), very sad though, you have out smarted the Pundits of the lore………

  19. 19 pandit March 7, 2007 at 5:38 pm

    well seeing the comments ,im really worried bout my community ….thy have lost touch to the realities ,inspite of being so called educated class thy act like uneducated people ..lets face the reality once for all …we want india and thy want something else (which is not india ) why to kill them and commit so many atrocities on these people living there …we have already left the valley ..let them enjoy the ride to freedom ….seeing all these things coming up against them on this blog is totally against humanity …….i have lived in kashmir ……thy are all against india ….i have friends there i talk to them ,meet them ,exchange ideas …..freedom is the word …..i saw the writing in 1990 so left ….im not tryin to defame there movement and i would like the rest of the pandit community to help them in their just cause as sanjay is doing ……..thanks

  20. 20 Aj March 7, 2007 at 6:01 pm

    Ok Here are some statistics for the whole of J&K Published in BBC, the link to the site is (if anyone doubts what I have written here) news.bbc.co.uk/1/shared/spl/hi/south_asia/03/kashmir_future/html/default.stm

    Religious Groups in Indian administered Kashmir
    Region Buddhist Hindu MUSLIM Others

    Kashmir — 4% 95% —
    Jammu — 66% 30% 4%
    Ladakh 50% — 46% 3%

    Religious groups: Pakistani-administered Kashmir
    Region Buddhist Hindu MUSLIM Others
    Areas — — 99% —
    Azad J&K — — 99% —

    This statistics is for the believers of democracy……… for them to contemplate…………..

  21. 21 Altaf Qadri March 9, 2007 at 1:45 pm

    Late Pandit Prem Nath Bazaz, in 1951 (Azad Kashmir: A Democratic Socialist Conception pp 14). said “I believe that the (Jammu and Kashmir) State has been forcibly occupied by the Indian Military against the will of the people. This is brutal aggression and, therefore extremely intolerable and highly dangerous. At present only Muslims appear to be aggrieved at the highhandedness of the Indian government. But in the long run this state of affairs, if it unfortunately continues, will harm the Hindus, probably more than Muslims.
    Hazrat Umer Farooq (ra) says,” Man was born free, but why you have kept him in chains of slavery?” Freedom has been the watchword and rallying point in Kashmir for many decades. Certainly it is not everybody’s privilege to sing the song of freedom. Only those hearts throb for it that actually see the claws of oppression in a human society and have courage to speak for the welfare of mankind. A freedom loving heart is full of affection for humanity and is always ready to take risks for the freedom of the suffering people. In order to seal the destiny of the people of Kashmir and remove all geo-hurdles in the way of Kashmir’s accession with India Vice Roy Lord Mountbatten played through Red Cliff the final mischief, by changing the boundary commission report to hand over Muslim majority district of Gurdaspur to India. After this conspiracy a fictitious letter of accession in the name of Maharaja was drafted and thus Indian troops were airlifted to Srinagar on October 27 1947. This tragic event struck a hard-blow on the long struggle of freedom for Kashmir and now they had to fight with equal zeal and zest against the neo-imperialism of India in Kashmir. The people of Kashmir accepted the new challenge and decided to carry on their struggle for freedom. The government of India was frustrated to see the angry reaction of the people of Kashmir against the accession with Delhi. So Lord Mountbatten and Nehru in their separate messages to Pakistan and Kashmir declared this accession as provisional and assured that the people of Kashmir will be given every opportunity to decide their future through a free, fear and impartial plebiscite, under the international supervision of UN. On August 7 1952 Pt. Nehru declared:-
    “It is an international problem. We do not want to win people against their will and with the help of armed forces and if the people of the state of Jammu and Kashmir so wish to Part Company with us, they can go their way and we shall go our way. We want no forced marriages, no forced unions like this so we accept this basic preposition that this question is going to be decided finally by the good will and pledge of the people of Kashmir, not I say, by the good will and pleasure of even this parliament, if it so chooses, not because this parliament may not have the strength to decide it. I do not deny that because this parliament has not only laid down in this particular matter that a certain policy will be pursued in regard to J& K state but it has been our policy…
    But whether it is a pain and torment, if the people of Kashmir want to go out, let them go because we will not keep them against their will however painful it may be to us. That is the policy that India will pursue…Because the strongest bonds that bind will not be the bonds of your armies or even of your constitution, to which so much reference has been made, but bonds which are stronger than the constitution and law and armies—bonds that bind through love and affection and understanding of various people…”
    The current struggle is homegrown and nourishes with snowball spontaneity. India calls this movement as imported terrorism, which is a big lie. The relationship between Kashmiris and freedom fighters is like a fish in the water. Our society has embraced this movement and every section of the society has played vital role in furthering glorious cause of freedom. It is not a class war or communal, religious conflict, but the final goal of our struggles is freedom from India. There are no communal prejudices in Kashmir. Our peoples overwhelming majority believe in the simple teachings of Islam, never in narrow nationalism or terrorism. We believe in patriotism and communal harmony. In fact, Kashmiri Muslims and non-Muslims lived together a peaceful life in the past. But it was sad that the Hindu minority was misled by Indian communalists and thus they fled away from the valley in 1990. They fail to sympathize with the trauma of Kashmiri Muslims, who are humiliated by the brute force of Indian military. Despite hard facts Kashmiri Muslims have time and again invited migrant Hindus back to main stream of Kashmir. The present struggle owes its birth to the sacred blood of Kashmiris, and hopefully it will reach its destination with the help of almighty Allah.

  22. 22 tabish March 17, 2007 at 11:00 pm

    dear all,

    to be frank my heart is weeping for all of you right now. i dont know what u guys are fighting for here in this forum..maybe the problem is that pundits dont understand whats going on in kashmir and the muslims dont know how it is to live in a camp at 46 degrees….as for my personal opinion i would say it is a mistake altogether to discuss this issue….believe it or not the pundit brother have a different view to the whole situation…and i somehow agree with what they are saying in the blogs over here…i would say the same if i was out of my native place for 20 years…that the kashmiri muslims are monsters and so on….its not their fault…its the fault of that little bit of exagerration that goes on with everytime we all pass on something we say or have heard….eg..some one died..i heard it, told it to someone and that someone passed it on with a different mix of words so that the fourth person made a differet sense out of it, which it was not intended for….thats how ali joo was always the monster at the end of this chain of conversation and kishan dhar was always the CID….i was a kid when it all started…1989. i remember walking to my school (biscoe) when i heard firing for the first time…and hid in a jk bank biulding nearby..8 am sharp in the morning with my little brother..i must be 7 years old maybe or 8. but to be frank its not a bad memory for me…i have been in touch with all my pandit friends most of these years and i am proud to say that i could ask for their blood and wont be denied it…fortunately or unfortunately i live in germany now and am away for quite some time….we really dont understand how delicate this issue is and we always discuss it like mad cows rather than handling it with care….and we have been doing it for a long time….

    and finally a word for the pundit kashmiri folk….i feel that there is a bit of exagerration about what you convey to your children about the whole conflict…i didnt hear it from someone…i lived with your families….but i guess its all going to be ok when u come home and when ur kids mix with ours i think we ll be the same old ali joo and kishan dhar who used to crack jokes and laugh together in the kandar wan….that comes from my heart

  23. 23 Aj March 18, 2007 at 11:19 pm

    Dear Tabish

    Leaving ones home is not an exaggeration of a situation. It must be sane well thought over decision. For the “Koshur Bata” felt it would be a safer heaven with the Indians than with the rest of the people of his blood (Kashmiri Muslims). I am sure they are tasting the joy of their wisdom. It is not that I am inhumane towards their suffering but all this is a matter of choice. Choice isn’t that what makes us all a victim of folly.
    History is witness to the difficulties that the Kashmiri Muslims have faced under the Dogra rule whilist at that time the pundits were enjoying the luxury provided by a Hindu Maharaja, and the poor muslims were beaten by the stick. What was it was it not Hindu fundamentalism? Did the pundits not leave their homeland and chose a Hindu land for they deemed it to be a safer heaven……… and now they are calling it Auschwitz in Kashmir akin to Jewish exodus……
    How hateful and full of conceit and deceit.
    All I am saying is they have bartered their home land for a better and safer pastures of life. Now why complain and make a mockery of their brethren. Instead of acknowledging the honest fact they are making a cowardly act of “Trahe Baghwan”

    Isolated examples cant be an excuse for generalisation. And as far as the numbers go let us hear the figures………… a handful I am sure.

    And now look at the irony. The Kashmiri Muslims what do they ask for — Independence. What do the Kashmiri Pundits want accession to India? Can I ask the question Why? The question is in the face of the fact that the then Hindu ruler decided to remain free and not accede to India. Because they feel it is predominantly a hindu country which will safe guard their interests. Now who is a fundamentalist, who wants an accession of predominantly muslin state to a Hindu country……. What does one call it?? Hindu fundamentalism. And if now you have any sense please stop labelling a pure struggle of freedom with a religious fundamentalism. For that will just expose your own sins.
    In the words of Baalgangadhar Tilak ” Freedom is my birth right and no one can take it”

    I am not here to appease anyone but to bring to light an honest and hard fact. To which the Kashmiri pundits should come to terms with the earlier the better. For if they dont they will be lost to the tragic dilution of choice, A choice they made for their coming generations.

  24. 24 mubashir July 19, 2008 at 10:11 am

    hi my name is mubashir i live at anantnag kashmir my aim in life to freedom from kashmir

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